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What is Therapy (and Why Should I Go)?

You’re stressed, but it’ okay. Your responsibilities seem to keep piling up with no relief, but it’s fine. You

don’t feel like anyone really hears when you ask for help, but what’s new? The pressure feels so heavy

sometimes that you just want to run away somewhere, but it is what it is, right? As adults, we’re trained

to believe that being overwhelmed is just part of being a grown-up. It’s just part of handling our

business and getting the job done. We’re praised at work for how much we can take without throwing in

the towel. We’re considered “strong” by how much burden we can carry. We trudge through life putting

on a brave face out of fear that someone may see that we couldn’t cut it. We hurry to wipe our tears

before our significant others, friends, and family see that we’re not superhuman. Well, y’all, this is not

okay. We’re not superhuman, and it’s time to relieve yourself of that guilt for not living up to that

ridiculous standard.

Even if you don’t buy into them, everyone has at least heard of stereotypes of people who reach out to

therapists. While there are many reasons for people to reach out to therapists, most reach out for the

reasons I’ve discussed. Therapy is where you go when you feel like you just need to “get it out”. Therapy

is where you go to gain tools to balance your life. Therapy is where you go to keep from losing your sh--.

I’m excited that therapy is becoming normalized in our society. I’m absolutely loving how people of color

are acknowledging the reality of mental health. Yet, there are still so many people who don’t quite grasp

what therapy is. I’m here to tell you: Therapy is whatever you want it to be!

If you have questions about this blog or my practice, please feel free to reach out to me at or call me at 256-697-0691.

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1 commentaire

Kedra Bell
Kedra Bell
21 juil. 2022

Awesome read! My biggest take away from therapy is … feels good to feel good!

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